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Group Sessions + Presentations

#talk2mebro group sessions take encourage conversation and challenge ideas around suicide and help-seeking. Participants are educated on the importance of taking control of their mental health and the importance of checking in with their mates.


Our sessions are held within High Schools, Sporting Clubs, Workplaces and other Community Interest Groups.


Your donation will ensure that we may continue to provide these sessions to high-risk groups at no cost.


Retreats + Mentoring

#talk2mebro 3-day group retreats provide participants the opportunity to break down the social stigma around what it means to be a “real man”, and are provided with tools to empower them to take control of their mental wellbeing.


They are hosted in serene locations providing a safe environment for the group to build lifelong bonds and build a new foundation based on inner strength, openness and resilience.


Your donation will ensure that we may be able to provide these retreats to high-risk participants at no cost.


Increase Community Understanding

Suicide exists in the shadows of our society and will continue to claim lives if we continue to keep it a secret. We need to create societal change and break the stigma around suicide.

Dispelling the common misconceptions surrounding suicide and creating awareness around the devastating impact it has on our families and communities will drag it out of the shadows so it can be discussed and prevented.


Your donation will ensure that we continue to create awareness within the community and help save lives.