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We cannot get out into the community and educate our loved ones about suicide prevention and mental wellbeing without financial support.


Financial donations are what allow us to operate day to day. They allow us to continue to provide our early intervention group sessions, retreats and increase the communities awareness around suicide prevention.


Brothers don’t let brothers fight alone.


We need your support in whatever support you can provide. We are always looking for support in the way of services, resources, time or product.



Ongoing corporate support will provide us with a larger platform to spread our message. Ongoing support from corporate partners will allow us to get in front of more people within the workplace and the community, to ensure that we break the stigma surrounding suicide and make it easy for our bros who are struggling to get support.



Hitek Steel Framing Pty Limited specialises in fabricating steel house frames for Australian families and communities. They use cutting edge rollforming technology along with advanced design software to provide builders and homeowners with pre-assembled steel frames ready for on-site installation.


Operating in a male dominated industry, Hitek became a #talk2mebro partner because they saw the need to educate and empower their staff and trades around suicide prevention and the importance of mental wellbeing.


Definition Fitness Training is a state of the art training facility located in Wollongong, NSW. The team at definition have created an environment where their members can develop a healthy life balance approach to training and wellbeing.


Their community outlook and wholistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing was the reason they became a #talk2mebro partner.

Northern NSW Football is the governing body responsible for the growth, development and promotion of Football throughout Northern NSW.


Their objective is to encourage the vast football family to look out for each other and support teammates and others when they need help with their mental health, which is why they have become a #talk2mebro partner.

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